Army of The Dead Is It Worth Watching?

Army of The Dead Is It Worth Watching?

Army of The Dead is definitely worth watching. You can’t get a zombie movie better than this. This is a kind of movie where you don’t care how the story pans out because you know the ride is going to be entertaining anyway.

Snyder Magic

With Zack Snyder directing the movie, everybody kind of knew from the start that this is never going to be just another zombie picture. But the most striking thing about this movie is its cinematography.

With Snyder himself being the director of photography, some of the shots in this movie are just so beautiful. In fact, the way this movie has been shot, it is quite safe to say that this is the best cinematography in any zombie movie to date.

The start may seem a bit odd for some, but the movie certainly delivers what it promises, two and a half hours of pure entertainment, Snyder style.

Talking of entertainment, Dave Bautista has done a remarkable job leading the pack. Other actors have also done a great job. But acting is not what makes this flick worth watching, it’s the Zack Snyder signature action that certainly makes it a fan favorite. Snyder fans are simply going to love this movie.

Snyder critics on the other hand will also find plenty of things to talk about this movie. Things like the movie being a formula zombie flick and other things they hate like the Snyder slow-mo.

Is Army of The Dead Worth Watching?

Anyway, the bottom line is that this movie is going to be a massive hit for Netflix regardless of all the negative comments from the so-called critics.

After the massive success of the Justice League Snyder’s Cut, it seems as if Zack Snyder has returned to his signature gory action in this latest zombie flick.

So, is Army of the Dead worth watching? Yes, highly recommended.

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