Eternals Is It Worth Watching?

Eternals Is It Worth Watching?

The movie Eternals is grand yet annoyingly spoiled from the start. It is worth watching because this comic adaptation about the Celestials, Deviants, and the Eternals is something truly fascinating, to say the least. If anything, this is a movie worth talking about. 

Despite being brilliantly produced, the movie looks flawed as a whole. If you deconstruct the movie, it truly feels like a few minor mistakes at the strategic level make the movie look average. Yet, in reality, the story of Eternals is perfectly superheroic. 

Many times the movie makes you wonder, why would key decision-makers at Marvel let such a massive movie just fade away. Some of the blunders in the movie look so obvious that it gets utterly impossible to decipher the thinking of the filmmakers.

What’s Wrong with Eternals?

I think it is only logical to talk about the good things first. Visually the movie looks stunning, Ben Davis the cinematographer has done an amazing job. Every shot is top quality with mesmerizing composition.

I think the most impressive thing about this movie is the immaculate visual effects and CGI. Very consistent and clean, the computer-generated visuals in this movie look out of this world. Apart from this, the story is very good with some strong performances that somehow hold the movie together.

Well, the most annoying thing about Eternals is that despite having so many good things, the movie still disappoints big time. Firstly, the movie is edited in a way that simply messes up the storytelling. Many badly timed flashbacks and early reveals make Eternals void of excitement and mystery element.

Moreover, some of the powerful characters seem to be relegated to less than supporting roles. For example, Angelina Jolie’s character is just badly written with less screen time.

All in all, despite its flaws, Eternals is not a complete disaster. It could have been a great movie though had the story been told in a better way.

Is Eternals Worth Watching?

Eternals movie is massive yet deeply flawed. It is a great story told in the worst possible way. Despite its many imbalances, Eternals is worth watching for great visuals and stunning action. It is a movie worth watching and worth talking about.

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