Hellbound Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Hellbound Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Hellbound is a dark satire. A social commentary on cults and the religious interpretation of the supernatural. A must-watch drama, Hellbound is something uniquely different. It is worth watching just for the brilliant portrayal of social construction surrounding an unexplained supernatural phenomena.

Hellbound Season 1 is just six episodes long. Yet the drama focused around the core theme of the story is just truly remarkable. A markedly different story in every sense, Hellbound successfully hooks the viewers with its otherworldly premise. 

Characters in this series are plenty, but the roles are perfectly balanced. A bit slow to start, the season seems to be in full flow after the second episode. Once the course of the story is determined, it gets really interesting to follow along.

A Creative Reflection of Our Society

Hellbound is very creatively crafted. It cleverly addresses something deeply familiar. In a way, it is more about our collective psyche as humans. This series portrays the interpretation of the supernatural mixed with a clear sense of helplessness and fear.

It also highlights the power of media in shaping our collective perceptions. This story tells us how mystery combined with collective ignorance can significantly alter our society.

The drama on the whole feels like a social thought experiment. And the outcomes of this thought experiment are terrifying yet somehow feel like a clear reflection of our own society.

What makes it even more interesting is the consistent focus on human emotion. Very strong performances by almost all the lead actors make it really engaging.

Also, there is a significant time shift in the story. Some might find it unexpected but this time shift certainly adds remarkable depth to the story.

Is Hellbound Season 1 Worth Watching?

Hellbound Season 1 is a very unique and powerful story. It is something totally out of the box. A much-needed social reflection of our own society, Hellbound Season 1 is definitely worth watching. It is another quality Korean drama.

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