Infinite: Is It That Bad?

Infinite: Is It That Bad?

Antoine Fuqua’s sci-fi thriller Infinite is more fiction than science. It is a blind adrenaline rush of long and usually boring action sequences that do not make any sense. The story itself is based on a badly crafted reincarnation precept. But the storytelling simply cannot get worse than this. Although the idea of creating an over-the-top action sci-fi movie is clear. But alas, the execution is as bad as it gets.

What’s Wrong with Infinite? 

I think it is the art of storytelling that makes everything in a movie make sense to the audience. Stuffing a movie with long action scenes doesn’t necessarily make a movie exciting. Crafting a beautiful screenplay is not just about adding the right ingredients, it’s also about taking the right amount at the right time. 

This movie Infinite has all the right ingredients but unfortunately, the chef has spoiled the recipe big time. The movie starts with a long car chase scene. This opening scene alone is enough of a hint for the audiences that the ride is gonna be really rough.

The amount of confusion created initially for the sake of an artificial build-up to a certain scene is ridiculous. It seems as if the whole story is created around certain action sequences. And the lack of proper plot devices highlights all the flaws more prominently.

It’s all About Making it Simple  

I think it should be very clear that no matter how big your star cast is, there is no cure for bad filmmaking. Sticking to the basics is the right approach to any movie. And it’s particularly important for complex stories like Infinite that the filmmaker makes everything work perfectly.

Movie critics are going to love this movie. Because there is nothing to praise and so much to criticize. The only good thing about this movie is that it ends eventually and lefts you with a bad aftertaste.