Kaleidoscope Is It Worth Watching?

Kaleidoscope Is It Worth Watching?

Kaleidoscope is a limited series on Netflix that is based on a quite unique and interesting idea. Believe it or not, you can watch this series in any order you wish. Created in a way that gives each user a unique viewing experience, Kaleidoscope seems to attempt something really ambitious. Each episode is given a color code without any number assigned to it. And interestingly Netflix randomly shuffles the episode orders for each user.

The idea is to give each user a slightly different flavor of the same story. And looking at each episode it seems as if the creators have tried to give every episode its own isolated intro and ending.

Given the task, I think this innovative limited series deserves some appreciation. But looking at both fan and critic reviews, Kaleidoscope seems to miss the trick here.

Why Kaleidoscope has Bad Reviews?

From the trailer, Kaleidoscope feels like just another heist story. But the order in which you’ll experience this heist show is designed to be totally random. 

Although this interesting concept did successfully bring some eyeballs but, as it turns out most of the people were not really impressed.

Looking at the reviews, it feels as if most of them did like the idea behind the show but the material of the show is heavily criticized. Both critic and audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes for Kaleidoscope are below average.

I think the show itself does disappoint if you are looking for a formula heist story. Also, the ending is kind of less than expected.

But having said that, Kaleidoscope presents perfect character-building despite the shortcomings of its overall storyline.

A still shot from Kaleidoscope, lead characters standing in front of a highly secured vault.
A still shot from Kaleidoscope, lead characters standing in front of a highly secured vault.

Kaleidoscope is it Worth Watching?

If you’re a fan of heist stories then go for it. Don’t need to worry about the reviews. I think the promising format in which this limited series is presented sort of makes it worth watching. Although most of us do believe that it could’ve been much better.

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