Love, Death & Robots Volume 3: Worth Watching?

Love, Death & Robots Volume 3: Worth Watching?

Just like the first two volumes, Love, Death & Robots Volume 3 is absolutely mindblowing. Highly recommended and definitely worth watching. To be honest, if you have watched the first two volumes of Love, Death & Robots then most probably you are going to watch the third volume anyway.

This Netflix anthology series, Love, Death & Robots is already critically acclaimed. Living up to its expectations this latest volume of the popular animated series once again brings some jaw-dropping short films. The quality of all the short films in this anthology animated series is truly remarkable.

Although more robots than anything else, this volume of Love, Death & Robots features some impressive stories. A few of the standout stories include Mason’s Rats and Jibaro. 

Mason’s Rats

In this short animated film from Love, Death & Robots Volume 3, a Scottish farmer has to deal with an unusual evolution of rodents. This is a story of persistence, survival, and ultimately acceptance.

A brilliantly crafted short animation, Mason’s Rats is a clear stand-out.


Jibaro is artistic, odd, creepy, disturbing, and fascinating at the same time. The most critically acclaimed short film in the series, Jibaro truly portrays what Love, Death & Robots is known for. It is this story that won an Ammy Award (2022) for Love, Death & Robots Volume 3.

Is Love, Death & Robots Volume 3 Worth Watching?

With an incredible 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Love, Death & Robots Volume 3 is definitely worth watching. Just like the previous volumes, this one also delivers the best in short animation.

Don’t miss it.

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