Luther: The Fallen Sun Is It Worth Watching?

Elba's performance as Luther is excellent, and the dark tone of the movie is well-executed.

Luther: The Fallen Sun is it worth watching? - Netflix Movie Review

Luther: The Fallen Sun is a Netflix original movie based on the BBC series 'Luther'. The movie follows John Luther, played by Idris Elba, as he tries to catch a gruesome serial killer terrorizing London. The twist? Luther is behind bars for his previous misdeeds as a detective, and he decides to break out of prison to finish the job.

Fans of the original show will be happy to have more of Idris Elba's brilliant detective, but the movie is a fairly uninspired addition to his case files. The movie tries to pack too much into its runtime, resulting in a disjointed narrative that lacks focus. However, Elba's charismatic performance as Luther still manages to hold the film together, and fans of the original show will appreciate seeing him on the screen once again.

A Classic Cat-and-Mouse Investigation

The plot of Luther: The Fallen Sun is a classic cat-and-mouse game between Luther and a cyber psychopath who has been taunting him. The killer's gruesome crimes are at the center of the film, and they are appropriately disturbing. However, the movie lacks the tension and suspense of the original show, which is perhaps due to the condensed runtime.

A still shot form the Netflix movie Luther: The Fallen Sun

The supporting cast of Luther: The Fallen Sun is a mixed bag. While some characters, such as the killer's latest victim's family, are given emotional depth, others are given little to do. The movie introduces new characters, but their motivations are not well-established, leaving them feeling like plot devices rather than fully-fledged characters.

The cinematography of the movie is one of its highlights, with the dimly-lit streets of London providing an appropriately moody backdrop. However, the action scenes lack impact, especially for a film.

Is Luther: The Fallen Sun Worth Watching?

Overall, it is not a must-watch film, but it will please fans of the original show. Elba's performance as Luther is excellent, and the dark tone and atmosphere of the movie are well-executed. However, the lack of focus in the narrative and underdeveloped supporting characters prevent it from being a truly great film.

In conclusion, it is a movie that will appeal to fans of the original show. It is not a standout film, but Elba's charismatic performance as Luther, coupled with the moody cinematography, make it worth watching for those who are invested in the character's story. If you are new to the franchise, it is recommended to start with the original show before diving into the movie.