Midnight Mass Is It Worth Watching?

Midnight Mass Is It Worth Watching?

Midnight Mass is a limited series on Netflix. Many would definitely ask if it is worth watching? Truth be told, the answer to this question is more complicated than just a simple yes or no. Although a quick search on Rotten Tomatoes (RT) reveals that critics are really appreciating this limited series.

But trust me, it’s not as simple as that. Midnight Mass certainly does an amazing job as a compelling drama based on religious dogma. There are clearly certain aspects to this drama series that perfectly portray the dangers of religious indoctrination. 

But having said that, this series does not shy away from throwing in multiple twists. And most of those twists are clearly not going to be popular with most of the viewers. By the way, I am not talking about the critics here.

What’s Good and What’s Odd?

This one is a serious drama with a core focus on good dialogue. Certainly, the religious backdrop of this series makes it more dialogue-focused where characters talk more with unusually long scenes. Some might find this boring but the script is really good.

Another great highlight of this series is acting, almost all of the characters in this series show some powerful performances. The lead actors look particularly remarkable.

What’s truly fascinating about his series is that it almost looks like a satire. It deals with religious fundamentalism in a unique and supernatural, yet in a very serious tone.

Although the first half of the series looks really promising, the next half is like running on very thin ice. The twists do not help either. Some of the shocking twists in this series clearly shift the focus in terms of lead characters, which in a way looks like a big letdown.

I think it is also worth mentioning that this limited series looks like an eternity. Big dialogue and really long scenes make it look as if this whole story is suspended in time.

Is Midnight Mass Worth Watching?

Midnight Mass is more like a religious, horror satire. A series that is fascinating yet long and boring at the same time. So I won’t say it is not worth watching. I would say if you want a different kind of horror then Midnight Mass is definitely worth watching.

But if you are looking for pure entertainment then you better move on to something else.

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