Moon Knight Is It Worth Watching?

Moon Knight Is It Worth Watching?

Moon Knight is a convoluted series with just a few glimpses of brilliance. Even though some might praise this complexity, but I think this time Marvel has gone too far in an attempt to present this so-called ‘masterpiece’. 

Despite being a limited series Moon Knight fails to provide a straightforward superhero origin story. I don’t believe it is a series worth watching.

Merging psychological drama with ancient Egyptian Gods and superheroes is just not a perfect match, to say the least. Maybe it is the wrong choice in storytelling that makes this new superhero introduction very annoying to watch.

Whatever the real reason, the much anticipated Moon Knight series is not what most Marvel fans expect it to be. To be honest this limited series is like an unending agony that disappoints big time.

Why Moon Knight is a Bad TV Series?

When stories are unnecessarily complex, they don’t feel good. And Moon Knight is a story that is told in the worst possible way. Yes, the lead character has a split personality disorder but that doesn’t mean the whole story should be told as such.

I think there are simple ways to tell a complex story but this TV series has somehow found a way to make simple things more complex. 

Other aspects of the series that could have made it a bit appealing also fail to impress. For example, the CGI which is usually very good at Marvel productions also looks below par. 

The only good thing about Moon Knight is some remarkable acting by Oscar Issac. Other than that there is hardly anything to recall.

Is Moon Knight Worth Watching?

Moon Knight is complex and boring, it clearly doesn’t feel like a TV series worth watching. Only if you’re a hardcore Marvel fan and want to keep track of all the MCU stories then you should definitely watch it. People who are looking for a good series to enjoy can stream something better.

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