No Sudden Move: Crime Drama At Its Best

No Sudden Move: Crime Drama At Its Best

No Sudden Move by Steven Soderbergh is a classic crime drama that certainly doesn’t disappoint. A really good movie made special by an equally good cast. I think Steven Soderbergh is the right person to direct a movie like this one. 

With a runtime of exactly one hour and a half, this movie makes every second count. Right from the start, it feels like it is the kind of movie that doesn’t waste any time on unnecessary filler scenes. Even though it is a super-focused film it doesn’t at any point feel rushed. On the contrary, during the movie, it seems as if you’ve all the time in the world to enjoy this story.

And I think this is a rare art that most filmmakers struggle to master. Particularly in this movie, Steven Soderbergh has done a remarkable job in doing all the character-building parallel to key plot devices. The attachment to lead characters is so subtle that you hardly notice it develop.

Why “No Sudden Move” is a Good Movie?

With an average runtime, the amount of detail with regards to the storyline is just brilliant. Besides some great acting, this movie has so many other things to enjoy. For example, the art direction is top-notch which gives you a distinct feeling of that particular era. Moreover, the handling of multiple criminal intrigues without complicating the storyline is just amazing.

Even though the audience might not find it to be too flashy for a crime movie, it really depicts the criminal enterprise of that era quite perfectly.

No Sudden Move is a very well-rated movie in its genre. And I think it has definitely earned all those good reviews.

Is “No Sudden Move” Worth Watching?

It is a good crime story backed by some really good performances. This movie successfully keeps the audience engaged right till the end. The interesting criminal mystery that persists throughout the movie is something really good.