One Piece Season 1 Review: Anime vs. Netflix Adaptation

The One Piece Netflix series stands as a testament to the potential of live-action adaptations.

One Piece Season 1 on Netflix is it worth watching?
Luffy & his crew from One Piece Season 1 (Netflix adaptation)

One Piece, the legendary manga by Eiichiro Oda, has sailed from the pages of Shonen Jump to the hearts of millions worldwide as an anime. In 2023, Netflix embarked on the bold voyage of recreating this colorful pirate saga into a live-action series. How does this ambitious adaptation compare to the original animation? Let’s navigate through the tumultuous waters of adaptation and discover.

Background of Both Versions

Original Anime

Debuting in 1999, the "One Piece" anime transformed Oda's manga into a vibrant, kinetic world, beloved for its rich storytelling and iconic characters. 

Netflix Adaptation

Fast forward to 2023, Netflix reimagined the Straw Hat Pirates' journey with a promise to honor the source material while introducing "One Piece" to a broader audience.

Luffy and Arlong face off in One Piece 2023

Visual Style and Setting


The anime's distinct visual flair – with its exaggerated expressions and fluid motion – captures the essence of Oda's art style, bringing a sense of whimsy and grandeur to the screen.

Netflix Series

The live-action series takes on a more grounded approach, with realistic costumes and sets that reimagine the anime’s world. CGI brings Devil Fruit powers to life in a new dimension.

Characterization and Casting

The Netflix series cast Iñaki Godoy, Emily Rudd, and Mackenyu as Luffy, Nami, and Zoro, respectively. They embody the spirit of their characters, bringing a tangible depth to their performances. Fans were skeptical, but the casting choices proved to be a highlight, resonating with the anime’s depictions.

Luffy & his crew fighting from season 1, One Piece

Plot and Story Arcs

Both mediums follow Luffy’s quest for the One Piece, but the Netflix series condenses story arcs, focusing on key moments to fit the streaming format. While some subtleties are lost, the live-action honors major plot points, making it accessible for newcomers and satisfying for purists.

Reception and Critique

Critically, Netflix’s "One Piece" has been lauded for its faithfulness and high production values, marking a departure from less successful anime adaptations. Fan reactions have been mostly positive, with particular praise for the show's ability to capture the anime's adventurous spirit.

Final Thoughts on One Piece Adaptation

The One Piece Netflix series stands as a testament to the potential of live-action adaptations. It's a respectful, carefully crafted retelling that retains the heart of Oda’s story, even if it can't quite replicate the anime's boundless energy.

The success of Netflix's One Piece may herald a new era for anime adaptations. With careful attention to the source material and innovative storytelling, adaptations can both honor the original and forge their own legacy.