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Users have the option to willingly share comments under any article on this website. All comments are approved before publishing on the website. Every user has the right to remove or modify any comment anytime. We do not share any comments with third parties.


When a user (outside the EU) logs on to our website for the first time, cookies are set for the proper functioning of the website. Logging on the website, all the users automatically agree to these cookies, including first-party cookies set by this website, session cookies, and any third-party cookies.

GDPR Consent

The cookie consent prompt is enabled for EU users. Cookies will only be set for those users (from the EU) who consent to our cookie policy.

Analytics Data

We use Google Analytics on our website to analyze traffic and page views. All the data collected via google analytics is stored on Google servers. Users are advised to look at the google privacy policy to learn more about how their analytics data is handled. However, we do not share any kind of analytics data with other third parties expect google analytics which is our primary service for collecting this data in the first place.

Updates to this privacy policy

Any updates to this privacy policy document will be notified to all the users.

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