The Beauty of Blade Runner 2049: Why This Movie is a Modern Classic?

The Beauty of Blade Runner 2049: Why This Movie is a Modern Classic?

If you have watched Blade Runner 2049, then I suggest you watch it again. I guarantee that this time it is going to be a different experience altogether. Blade Runner 2049 is no ordinary movie, it is the epitome of classic cinema blended with modern science fiction.

What makes this movie a modern classic is its near-perfect cinematography. Literally, every frame in this movie looks immaculate. Visually speaking, this movie is by far the best science fiction movie of all time. 

Directed by Ridley Scott and photography by Roger Deakins, this movie is a true masterpiece. The way this movie is crafted, it looks as if the thought process of these two excellent professionals was completely in sync.

The Perfect Use of Visuals in Storytelling

The serenity of the runtime is proof of how this movie surpasses expectations. Every aspect of the story is well thought out with some brilliant execution. Although everything falls perfectly into place, the mesmerizing visuals do make the viewers completely immerse in the storyline. Honestly speaking this is the only modern movie that highlights the importance of visuals in storytelling.

Unlike most science fiction movies, the story of Blade Runner 2049 is very calm. It is very fascinating to see how the visuals of the story complement its core theme while playing a critical role in storytelling.

Even though the visual style of the movie is vividly inspired by science fiction, the overall aura of Blade Runner 2049 is distinctively unmatched. The photography by Roger Deakins in this movie is awe-inspiring. 

Analyze it in technical detail or look at it for its aesthetic finesse, Blade Runner 2049 is beyond doubt one of the most visually stunning movies of all time.

Blade Runner 2049: A Modern Classic

I truly believe that Blade Runner 2049 safely falls into the category of modern classics. Many people might disagree with this but they will surely agree on the fact that it is truly a visual treat to watch. Blade Runner 2049 is indeed a movie worth watching.           

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