Those Who Wish Me Dead

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Those Who Wish Me Dead is an above-average action movie with a stellar cast. This movie is not so bad, yet it feels like there is something missing. This is a kind of movie, where you wait for the magic to happen but it never arrives.

From the start, the movie suffers from weak writing and plot holes. The attempt to compensate for weak writing by some good action seems to be unsuccessful as well. 

Expectations for the movie are increased by fact that the lead role is played by Angelina Jolie. But unfortunately, the full potential of the remarkable cast is not on display.

What’s Wrong with, Those Who Wish Me Dead?

Over-emphasis on the lead character’s emotional backstory also points to the weak writing. When it comes to Angelina Jolie’s character, her guilt overshadows everything she had to offer in this movie. So, in a sense, the potential power of her star casting is thrown out of the window by bad writing. 

Other noticeable flaws of this movie include average action sequences that are further toned down by the wildfire element in this movie. Moreover, introducing mercenaries in a movie does not mean that they shouldn’t have some stake in the story. 

Overall, the character building is far from satisfactory. Another thing that is hard to ignore is editing. Better editing might’ve considerably increased the quality of this movie. 

Sometimes the movie feels slow, while many other scenes & sequences do feel a bit rushed to the end. All in all, the level of entertainment expected from this movie is totally missing. 

Is it Worth Watching?

There are many other things that somehow feel out of place in this movie. For example, the story did feel like it needed a formula action film treatment with everything put into creating some amazing action seqiuences. 

On the contrary, the movie sticks to a more realistic style. This way the story does not match the filmmaking style. And I think that is why this uneasy feeling sticks throughout the movie.

So it is hard to answer whether it’s worth watching or not. But Angelina Jolie fans will definitely want to watch her in action.