What If... Happy Hogan Saved Christmas? Episode 3 Review

Here’s our review of this standout episode that has set the internet abuzz with its unique charm.

What If... Happy Hogan Saved Christmas - Season 2, Episode 3.
What If... Happy Hogan Saved Christmas - Season 2, Episode 3 Review

As the holiday season rolls around, Marvel gifts its fans with a delightful twist in its "What If...?" series. The third episode of Season 2, aptly titled What If...Happy Hogan Saved Christmas?, is a festive concoction that masterfully blends superhero antics with the heartwarming spirit of Christmas. Here’s our review of this standout episode that has set the internet abuzz with its unique charm.

A Festive Twist on the Marvel Universe

From the get-go, the episode immerses viewers in a holiday-themed alternate reality. The Watcher, portrayed with a relaxed demeanor by Jeffrey Wright, narrates a tale that is less about universe-shattering events and more about a cozy Avengers Christmas gone awry. Iron Man, voiced by Mick Wingert, and a host of familiar characters return, but it's Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan who steals the show.

Happy Hogan: An Unlikely Hero

Happy Hogan, typically seen as the dependable sidekick, is thrust into the spotlight. His mission? To oversee the perfect Avengers holiday gala. However, things take a left turn when Justin Hammer, voiced by Sam Rockwell, decides to play the Grinch. The episode cleverly interweaves classic Christmas tales with Marvel's cinematic flair, resulting in a narrative that is both fresh and nostalgic.

Die Hard Meets Marvel

The episode's middle act is a nod to "Die Hard," with Happy navigating a hostage situation during the Christmas party. The twist? Happy’s accidental transformation into a Hulk-like figure – a comedic yet thrilling development that adds to the episode's unique charm.

The Spirit of Christmas

At its core, this episode celebrates the essence of Christmas. It’s about coming together, overcoming odds, and spreading joy. The inclusion of various Avengers characters, each entangled in their own holiday-themed subplots, adds layers to the narrative, making it a rich tapestry of humor, action, and heart.

Thor celbrating christmas with the avengers in What If...? Season 2

A Yuletide Treat

The animation style remains true to the high standards of the series, with a special touch of Christmas aesthetics. The score, interspersed with classic holiday tunes, complements the festive visuals perfectly, creating an immersive viewing experience.

A Marvel Christmas Classic

What If...Happy Hogan Saved Christmas? is a testament to Marvel's ability to blend different genres and themes seamlessly. It's a Christmas special that doesn’t just cater to Marvel fans but also to anyone who enjoys a good holiday story. The episode is a bright star in the "What If...?" series, shining with humor, action, and holiday cheer.


A must-watch for this holiday season, this episode deserves a spot in the pantheon of great Christmas specials. It’s an innovative take that reminds us why we love both Marvel and the magic of Christmas.

Rating: ★★★★★