What If... Strange Supreme Intervened? Episode 9 Review

Thematically, the episode explores notions of power, sacrifice, and the ethical boundaries of heroism.

What If... Strange Supreme Intervened? Season 2, Episode 9 Review
What If... Strange Supreme Intervened? Season 2, Episode 9

In the grandiose tradition of Marvel's What If...?, the Season 2 finale, titled What If... Strange Supreme Intervened? orchestrates a narrative ballet, twirling between multiverse madness and emotional depths. This episode, akin to a cosmic chef d'oeuvre, merges the exhilarating piquancy of superhero antics with the rich, savory depth of character arcs, particularly that of Captain Carter and Strange Supreme.

The episode commences with a return to Captain Carter, a character who has intriguingly evolved into the series' linchpin. The narrative, while partially repeating backstory, skillfully establishes a bridge between past episodes, creating a cumulative resonance. The interplay between Captain Carter and Strange Supreme, both in the 1602 pub and the ensuing chaos, is a testament to the series' ability to blend character dynamics with plot propulsion seamlessly.

Strange Supreme’s Sanctum Infinatum, a palace housing universe-killers, unfolds as a narrative and visual spectacle. The concept of trapping villainous entities across universes not only amplifies the stakes but also cleverly nods to Marvel’s vast and vibrant multiverse. However, the episode's true strength lies in its ability to pivot from grandeur to intimacy, delving into the psyche of its protagonists, particularly the morally ambiguous Strange Supreme.

Captain Carter’s journey, imbued with a quest for a happy ending, resonates deeply with viewers familiar with her struggles. This episode accentuates her moral fortitude, even as she grapples with the allure of altering her destiny. Her interactions with Strange Supreme, layered with ethical dilemmas and emotional undercurrents, elevate the episode beyond a typical superhero narrative.

Strange Supreme emerges as a character of fascinating complexity. His actions, driven by a blend of altruism and obsession, render him a figure of both empathy and caution. His confrontation with Kahhori, and the subsequent revelation of his intentions, adroitly showcases the duality of his character.

The animation style, vibrant and fluid, captures the essence of the comic book source material while injecting a cinematic grandeur. Action sequences, especially the chaotic battle in the Sanctum Infinatum and the confrontation with Zombie Wanda, are choreographed with a keen eye for detail and dynamics, making them both visually arresting and narratively compelling.

Thematically, the episode explores notions of power, sacrifice, and the ethical boundaries of heroism. The moral ambiguity, particularly in the actions of Strange Supreme, adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, prompting viewers to ponder the cost of power and the nature of true heroism.

In conclusion, What If... Strange Supreme Intervened? is a masterful blend of high-octane action, deep character exploration, and thought-provoking themes. It not only serves as a fitting finale for the season but also expands the horizon of the Marvel multiverse, leaving viewers both satisfied and anticipating further explorations. The balance between standalone storytelling and an overarching narrative trajectory is handled with finesse, marking this episode as a standout in Marvel's animated repertoire.

Rating: ★★★★☆