Adam Project Is It Worth Watching?

Adam Project Is It Worth Watching?

Adam Project is a fast-paced Sci-Fi time travel movie. Short and sweet it is definitely worth watching. Not your average time travel movie, Adam Project features Ryan Reynolds in his most typical performance. Although a very entertaining movie, Adam Project is not a story that you will remember for a long time.

Despite being a decent Sci-Fi movie, the story feels lacking somehow. The entertainment factor is right up there, but some elements of the story are not properly conveyed to the audience. The focus again is on Ryan Reynolds and his typical joke-making which in many ways has started to feel a bit repetitive.

In a nutshell, Adam Project is a movie that you’ll watch, enjoy and forget. It’s because the movie feels like it starts and it ends. With very little time dedicated to character building, the story fails to establish that all-important connection with the audience. 

Having said that, the movie is never boring, in fact, it is enjoyable throughout the runtime.

Is Adam Project a Good Movie or Not?

It is not as simple as that. Adam Project is not a bad movie at all. It is a decent movie that could’ve been much better. It has many flaws when it comes to the story or the way it has been told but despite its shortcomings, it is still a very entertaining movie.

Some of the action sequences in the movie are very well executed. The Sci-Fi look and feel of the movie is also there. It’s just that the movie wraps up so quickly that the audience barely gets any time to feel some sort of connection with the story.

Also, certain important elements of the story are also glanced over, hugely relying on the intelligence of the audience to figure them out. Which in my opinion is not a great way to tell any story let alone science fiction.

Definitely a different take on time travel Sci-Fi, Adam Project is a movie that you’ll enjoy.

Is Adam Project Worth Watching?

Well short of being an impressive movie, Adam Project is still worth watching. It features some good action and leans heavily on Ryan Reynolds. Despite its visible flaws, it is a decent movie to stream.

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