Fresh Is It Worth Watching?

Fresh Is It Worth Watching?

Fresh is offbeat yet strangely uncomfortable. It is definitely worth watching. Although the storyline of this dark comedy looks seemingly unexpected, somehow it turns very predictable by the end. 

A violent movie, Fresh looks very different from your average slasher horror. One good thing about this movie is that it doesn’t follow your typical slasher formula at least at the beginning of the story. Following a calm start, the movie reveals a surprising twist making the story super exciting.

One of the main highlights of this movie is definitely the performance of Sabastian Stan. Not a very stereotypical cast for this role, Sebastian Stan has done a remarkable job playing the all-important antagonist.

Overall the movie looks balanced except for the middle part where the story does feel a bit lost. But this middle part is very much compensated by a very satisfying ending.

Why Fresh is a Good Movie?

Fresh is not a bad movie at all, considering it is the directorial debut of Mimi Cave the movie looks very good. And it is indeed very impressive to see Mimi Cave present all the unsavory elements of the story in such a clean fashion.

To be honest, Fresh is a story that falls into a totally different kind of horror-comedy genre. And looking at this movie, it does feel like fans would love to see more in this style.

Overall, the movie Fresh is entertaining and unexpected. It is a satisfying slasher with a nice dose of unrestrained R-rated fun.

Is Fresh Worth Watching?

A totally different kind of comedy-horror, Fresh is definitely worth watching. If you like offbeat and surprisingly strange movies then you simply can’t miss this one. Fresh is a good movie to stream on a relaxing weekend.

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