All of Us Are Dead Is It Worth Watching?

All of Us Are Dead Is It Worth Watching?

This one is very easy to answer. All of Us Are Dead is not worth watching, and there are plenty of reasons to skip it. Another zombie series with heaps of fillers, this Netflix Korean drama disappoints big time. The series on a whole looks badly planned with visible technical flaws throughout the series. 

In terms of the story, this one would have been very entertaining if it was packaged into a movie rather than a very long series. Reducing it to a short series would’ve been a good option too.

I think only teenagers might find this zombie series appealing probably because of the school setting and the apparent familiarity with the lead characters.

How Boring is it and Why?

Despite being a zombie series, All of Us Are Dead feels very boring. This is because of a very inconsistent story flow. It feels as if there is no balance between action sequences, character-building scenes, and other story elements.

Another very prominent flaw of this zombie series is its editing. An annoying jitter in almost all zombie attack action sequences is very noticeable. These scenes also feel unnecessarily fast-forwarded. 

Other scenes are very long making the series very slow. Despite some good performances, this zombie series fails to impress.

Is All of Us Are Dead Worth Watching?

Clearly very badly written for TV, All of Us Are Dead is not worth watching. Not a good zombie story, this Netflix series can be easily skipped. 

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