The King’s Man Is It Worth Watching?

The King’s Man Is It Worth Watching?

The King’s Man is entertaining for sure but not worth praising. Unlike the previous movies in the franchise, it is very hard to tell if it is worth watching or not. Being a prequel and an origin story to this popular spy movie series, The King’s Man feels a bit toned down in terms of the overall quality. 

Despite maintaining a visually brilliant style, this movie clearly disappoints in many other areas. Even though the casting is very good and the performances very fitting, the signature excitement is also there. Yet, somehow this one feels vividly different in many ways.

A movie perfect for the critics to write about, The King’s Man leaves fans hardly satisfied. But having said that, this movie is still very entertaining and fun to watch. In other words, The King’s Man is a movie that you can enjoy while fairly criticizing for its failings.

What is Missing?

Well, this one had to be different as it is an origin story right? Not really, because fans love to watch the Kingsman franchise just for its unique style and amazing action sequences. But this time The King’s Man fails to impress when it comes to action. Except for the one sequence that is definitely noteworthy.

When it comes to the story, the movie features some key twists that seemingly look shocking but in reality, these make the movie less appealing. Only the historical aspect of the screenplay makes it a bit exciting.

Another aspect that feels really disappointing in this movie is the CGI. When you watch the movie you can’t help but notice the low-quality visual effects.

Despite all the flaws in the story and less-than-expected action, this movie is still very entertaining. So, all in all, it is a movie you can still enjoy.

Is The King’s Man Worth Watching?   

Well, definitely not the movie fans were waiting for, I think The King’s Man is still worth a watch. Even though the movie has its flaws, it is still entertaining and fun to watch. But most importantly it gives a much-needed backstory to the Kingsman movie franchise.

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