Ghostbusters Afterlife Is It Worth Watching?

Ghostbusters Afterlife Is It Worth Watching?

Ghostbusters Afterlife movie is fun and entertaining. It is worth watching just for the picturesque countryside shots. Sequel to the original Ghostbusters movie, this one looks fairly good with some decent visuals. Despite a clear nostalgic outlook of the storyline, the movie somehow feels content on its own.

Trying to build on the Ghostbusters legacy, the story feels more like a tribute to the old heroes. Although filled with feel-good elements, this movie does open up new opportunities for more stories in the Ghostbusters universe.

With some decent production quality, this new Ghostbusters movie looks brooding while providing some golden memories of the original movie. Fans of the original Ghostbusters movie will surely enjoy this new yet nostalgic story.

Is the New Ghostbusters Movie Good?

One thing is for sure, this movie clearly doesn’t try to compete with the original movie in any way. Rather it builds on the old story and attempts to carve its own path. It feels as if the new movie is kind of a transition to a new age of Ghostbusters.

A memorable tribute to the original movie, the new Ghostbusters movie feels deeply attached to its roots. Overall, the movie is not bad, the element of comedy also makes it a bit flavorful as well.

To answer the question, I think the new Ghostbusters movie is a good movie to stream. It is engaging from the start and also features a good amount of nicely done visual effects.

Is Ghostbusters Afterlife Worth Watching?

If you like the original Ghostbusters movie, then I don’t see any reason you won’t like this one. A nice recall of the original one, Ghostbusters Afterlife is definitely worth watching. It is a nice movie to stream on a calm weekend.

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