Army of Thieves Is It Worth Watching?

Army of Thieves Is It Worth Watching?

After watching Army of the Dead, is Army of Thieves worth watching? Well, it all comes to your personal preferences whether you like prequels or not. But I must say that Army of Thieves is a really entertaining movie. The lead actor Matthias Schweighöfer, who is also the director of the movie, has done a remarkable job.

The style of the movie is an exact match with the Army of the Dead. Although the story in this one is also a heist, unlike the Army of the Dead the zombie element in this one is just in the background. 

Another good thing about this movie is that it looks ultra-focused both visually and storywise. The style of direction and the light-hearted nature of the lead character makes it extra appealing. Just like the first movie in the franchise, this one is also visually very impressive.

Beautifully Shot

You don’t need to be a professional to tell how beautiful this movie looks. It seems as if every frame in the movie has been properly done. Just like the Army of the Dead, the noticeable focus on close-up shots makes it look very special. 

Having Zack Snyder at the helm, there is no surprise that Cinematography is the stand-out element in both these movies.

What is lacking?

Having watched Army of the Dead it does feel as if this movie might also feature some amazing action sequences. For those expecting high-octane action, this movie might disappoint a bit. 

Having said that this movie does feature some really good heist drama and thrill with a nice mix of action. But clearly, the number of action scenes has been strictly limited to the requirements of the story.

Is Army of Thieves Worth Watching?

If you want to follow the Army of the Dead franchise then it is definitely worth watching. Although it is not near the scale of the first movie, it does provide some nice entertainment. So, yes, I think it is worth watching.

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