Dune Is It Worth Watching?

Dune Is It Worth Watching?

In case you are just wondering whether Dune is worth watching or not? Let me assure you, Dune is worth watching for every second of it. Despite having a massive runtime, this movie hooks the viewers right from the start. The epic scale of the movie also makes it stunningly appealing. The movie has a strong storyline with some really powerful performances. I think it is only fair to say that fans were waiting for a Sci-Fi story like Dune for a very long time.

One of the most amazing things about Dune is that despite having a larger-than-life story, its persistent focus on characters makes it immensely engaging. When it comes to the key lead characters, the process of their character building looks very smooth. Without you realizing it the story makes you feel for the lead characters.

There are many aspects of the movie Dune that are worth discussing separately. Let us discuss some of the most prominent highlights a bit further.


Right from the first scene, you come to realize that this movie is shot very beautifully. Almost every single shot in this movie looks stunning. Despite having a darker tone and a color matching the feel of the movie, every frame looks so professionally done.


Some might blame editing for the long runtime. But I believe the movie has been edited rather perfectly. The nature of the story and overall theme of the movie makes perfect sense for a longer runtime. The editing is done so well that the movie feels like a calm river flow, never feels rushed at any point.

Computer-Generated Imagery

When it comes to Sci-Fi films, the biggest talking point is always the quality of CGI. Dune does a wonderful job at creating some visually stunning CGI. Maybe it’s the color grading but the CGI composition looks top quality.

Is Dune Worth Watching?

It would be totally unfair to say otherwise. Dune is a top-quality Sci-Fi film, making it a must-see movie. So definitely Dune is worth watching. Besides, the story of Dune has just begun. Fans will be eagerly waiting for the next part. 

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