Oats Studios Volume 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Oats Studios Volume 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Oats Studios Volume 1 is a hidden gem. It is worth watching for the odd creativity and the mind-bending science fiction. It is another Netflix anthology series based on dystopian mostly sci-fi short stories. Oats Studios is an independent short film studio started by District 9 director Neil Blomkamp. The idea is to create short films and ask the fan communities for feedback on which one is worth making a full-length feature film.

Oats Studios Volume 1 is a collection of these cinematic short films by Niel Blomkamp. Some of the stories in this anthology series are just mind-blowing. Let us talk about each film one by one.


The first film in the series is Rakka, and it is by far the most appealing one. A hardcore dystopian sci-fi film, this one clearly gives us vibes from District 9. Being an independent short film, Rakka has surprisingly good CGI and production quality. Despite being dark and scary, the story is also very good.


Firebase, the second short film in the series is artistic, unique, mind-bending, scary, and really violent at the same time. The story is set in the Vietnam War, it revolves around an unexplained supernatural anomaly. This is a type of film that can definitely have some serious cult following.

Cooking With Bill: Damasu / Prestoveg / Smoothie / Sushi

Yes, the title looks huge, but the film itself is just 10 minutes long. The title basically sums up the whole film. It’s about a cooking show named, “Cooking with Bill” where Bill advertises three “revolutionary” kitchen appliances, Damasu, Prestoveg, and Magiblend. 

God: Serengeti / Chicago

This short film is literally short and sweet. A very honest parody that is surprisingly thought-provoking. The level of simplicity and creativity in this 7-minute short film is truly remarkable. A subtle mix of humor also makes it worth watching.


Believe it or not, this short film Zygote is one of the most terrifying sci-fi horror stories. It looks more like a single scene from a long feature film but it feels remarkably intense.

Bad President: Oil Spill / All my Shit

This one is a political parody, a small sketch that explores how powerful democracy can be.  

ADAM: Episode 2

This is the first part of an animated short film. It is another dystopian sci-fi that explores a futuristic empire with a radically new take on crime and punishment.

ADAM: Episode 3

This one gives a different perspective to the story of that futuristic empire, explored in the previous episode.


This one is the shortest of all films. It is only 4-minutes long. I think it is the most unexplainable and the oddest film in the series.

Kapture: Locust

The last episode in this anthology series of short films is Kapture: Locust. It is a dark parody of the high-tech weapons industry. It explores a couple of ridiculously odd high-tech weapons.

Is Oats Studios Volume 1 Worth Watching?

If you want something radically different and mind-blowing then you simply can’t miss it. Some of the short films in this series are remarkably good. Oats Studios Volume 1 is definitely worth watching.

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