Blood Red Sky: Is it Worth Watching?

Blood Red Sky: Is it Worth Watching?

Blood Red Sky is an interesting movie, to say the least. The idea for the story is really exciting with lots of what-if questions that sprung to mind instantly. The mere thought of vampires in a hijacked plan is exciting enough to attract an audience. But unfortunately, this movie fails to deliver on this novel idea.

Overall the movie is not that bad, but it is not something you are going to remember for a long time. Especially in this age of constant streaming where upcoming content is always the center of attention.  

I think there is nothing wrong with the story itself. On the contrary, it is the unique premise of the story that is going to compel viewers into streaming the movie in the first place. But when you analyze the screenplay, it seems as if the screenwriters have really struggled.

Below Average Screenplay

It is the screenplay that really sets the pacing for the movie. And in movies like this one where a single event is focused, the importance of screenplay multiples. When the movie starts, it looks as if the runtime for the movie might be a bit shorter. 

Because looking at the trailer, the storyline looks pretty straightforward. But as the movie progresses, the pacing issues become more prominent and at certain points during the movie, it looks as if the runtime has been deliberately dragged.   

The runtime for the movie is almost two hours, which I think is overkill for a movie like this one. The movie certainly looks rushed at the start and really stretched towards the end.

Blood Red Sky is Repetitive

Despite having an interesting story, Blood Red Sky is clearly repetitive when it comes to action choreography. In movies like this one, the key factor that keeps audiences engaged is unpredictable action.

The action sequences after a certain point look repetitive. Better action choreography could’ve really boosted the movie. 

Despite having a compact story, there are several plot holes that keep the viewer bugging throughout the movie.

Is Blood Red Sky Worth Watching?

If you are a hardcore vampire movie fan then I don’t think you can resist watching it. But if you are looking for a great weekend streaming experience, you’ll definitely find much better options to choose from.

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