Pig Is It Worth Watching?

It is a kind of story where you clearly feel that the writer has put his heart and mind into it.

Pig Is It Worth Watching?

Pig is an independent movie that can certainly go unnoticed. It is not a commercial action movie with a huge budget. From the looks of it, this movie doesn’t even attempt to be your average story. It is a kind of movie where you sit back and reflect on the thought process of the writer. After you finish watching the movie, you realize that you’ve just watched a masterpiece.

Once you realize the level of creativity behind a story like Pig, it is completely natural to feel a bit concerned about it being underappreciated. It is a kind of story where you clearly feel that the writer has put his heart and mind into it.

Pig: A Hidden Gem?

Pig as a story stays true to its roots. From start to end it doesn’t detract from the path that it sets for itself. This movie is different in a really strange way. It tells a radically different story in a way that keeps the viewer guessing. It deals with a mystery in the most open way possible yet keeps the mystery alive till the very end.

Nicolas Cage at his Best

The lead character played by Nicolas Cage in this movie is the heart of the story. The strong performance by Nicolas Cage in this movie is beyond doubt one of his career-best. The key to his amazing performance is sticking to the basics and not overdoing it. 

With stories like this one at times, it gets a bit tricky to do it right. With remarkable critical acclaim, Niclas Cage’s performance is just perfect.

Michael Sarnoski

Micheal Sarnoski is the writer and director of this movie. For a story like Pig the writer/director deserves much acclaim. Not only the story is unique in many ways but the way it has been shot is truly remarkable.

The focus on clean storytelling by Micheal Sarnoski is what makes this movie really good. The casting is very good with some powerful supporting performances as well.

Is Pig Worth Watching?

It is an artistic movie with a clear focus on good storytelling. If you want something really different with a thought-provoking ending, then this is the movie for you. Don’t expect something ordinary here.

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