Fast and Furious 9 Is It Worth Watching?

Fast and Furious 9 Is It Worth Watching?

Fast and Furious 9 is the 9th movie in the Fast & Furious franchise. Renowned for fast car chases and over-the-top action, Fast & Furious has always been a fan favorite. The 9th movie in this franchise, titled F9 The Fast Saga is an action-packed reunion. Living up to its reputation this movie delivers high-octane action but this time it’s almost comic.

A Movie For the Fans

There is no denying the fact that this movie is solely created to make the fans happy. This Fast & Furious movie is more like a comedy action. Some of the light-hearted scenes in this movie are truly delightful.

Justin Lin, the director of this movie delivers the signature car chase action sequences like never before. This movie is full of ridiculous car chases with some insane-looking stunts. This time Justin Lin literally takes Fast & Furious to outer space. Most of the action sequences in this movie are beyond incredible. They almost make the movie seem like a parody of some sort. Which is fascinating yet a bit disturbing for some of the hardcore fans of the franchise.

Other than the mind-blowing action, some of the character comebacks in this movie make the franchise look more like itself. The introduction of John Cena who plays Dom’s brother Jacob is another move to keep the fans excited.

F9 The Fast Saga: What Critics Think?

There is no reason why fans won’t like this movie, it’s made for them after all. But critics are far from satisfied. And there are genuine reasons for that. 

[Spoiler Alert]

As far as the main storyline goes, it’s some gibberish about bad guys doing some bad stuff using some high-tech weapon that doesn’t even make sense.

And John Cena can’t be the real villain right! After all, Fast & Furious has an old tradition of adding villains to its ever-growing team of heroes. Plus he is the brother of the leading man and family is the core theme of this movie, so he better switch sides.

Critics rightly criticize the story, mindless action, unnecessary character comebacks, and a torturously long runtime. Besides, not every long movie can be as good as the Snyder Cut

Is Fast and Furious 9 Worth Watching?

If you are a Fast & Furious fan and you’ve watched all the previous movies in the franchise then you simply can’t miss it. Despite its flaws and ridiculous action, Fast 9 is definitely entertaining. 

But if you’re not an invested fan, or if you love to critically evaluate movies then you can safely skip it.

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