Jungle Cruise Is It Good?

Jungle Cruise Is It Good?

Jungle Cruise by Disney is a refreshing family movie, to say the least. This is the first jungle adventure movie in a long time. The last one I can think of is another Dwayne Johnson movie, Jumanji: The Next Level, from 2019. 

There is always a distinctive feeling of joy when it comes to jungle adventures. No matter how many times a story is retold, people tend to like them.

This one is another fantasy adventure story that is clearly elevated by Dwayne Johnson’s flair. Emily Blunt looks amazing as ever, and clearly, her character is the heart of the story.

It is a kind of movie where the lead characters shine so bright that the flaws of the movie are somehow overlooked. Even though it has its weaknesses, it is not a bad movie at all.

Is Jungle Cruise a Good Movie?

Jungle Cruise is a very entertaining movie. It definitely has Disney’s trademark fairy tale look to it. The CGI looks top quality, and all the action sequences are really entertaining. 

Despite having a bold Disney look, and a really good star cast, this movie feels as if there is something missing. But that clearly doesn’t make this movie any less entertaining. In fact, there are many well-timed comic moments that make it truly enjoyable throughout the runtime.

Although it is a fairly long movie with over two hours of runtime, it never feels boring or stretched at any stage.

It seems like the only issue in terms of the storyline is the total pivot on the lead characters. I think the antagonists deserved a bit more screentime considering the scale of the story. It would’ve greatly enhanced the story.

Other than that, I think it is a fairly good movie with plenty of enjoyable moments and action sequences.

Final Verdict

Jungle Cruise is not a bad movie at all. It offers a good family adventure full of light-hearted moments. It is a good movie, definitely worth watching.

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