The Suicide Squad: Is It Worth Watching?

The Suicide Squad: Is It Worth Watching?

The Suicide Squad 2021 is truly a mind-blowing movie. With plenty of action and gory violence, this movie hooks the viewers from the start to the end. James Gunn once again proves his genius as a creative director and a brilliant writer.

It is almost incredible how this movie incorporates the vision of James Gunn while perfectly keeping the distinct flavor unique to DC movies. This movie again highlights that good writing coupled with great direction can make DC stories so much more appealing.

Comics to Life

I think this Suicide Squad movie is one of the very limited movies based on comic books that boldly replicate the excitement of the original comics on screen. The level of violent detail in this movie is nothing less than shocking.

Some of the King Shark scenes in this movie are just absolutely gruesome. Yet the perfectly timed comedy makes it evenly balanced. All the action sequences look so remarkable with some being exceptionally good.

The Suicide Squad: A Really Good Movie

This new Suicide Squad is a really good movie. The screenplay is brilliantly written. The movie looks as if every second is accounted for in terms of the storyline. The way James Gunn builds his key characters in this story is just amazing.

Another fascinating thing about this movie is the amount of action. Despite featuring a huge chunk of action sequences, this movie never for a moment feels overstretched. 

Other key highlights of the movie include great cinematography, near-perfect editing, and some amazing performances. The Suicide Squad by James Gunn is a true masterpiece in the comic book genre.

Is The Suicide Squad Worth Watching?

There is nothing average about his movie. This one is a top-quality movie with so much excitement, violence, fun, comedy, action, and everything in between.

Keeping the whole DCEU thing separate, this movie is definitely, worth watching on its own. James Gunn deserves much praise for this movie.

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