The Swarm Is It Worth Watching?

The Swarm Is It Worth Watching?

The Swarm, original title La Nuée is a french horror drama that promises more than what it offers. The whole concept around bloodthirsty locusts should make an interesting horror story but this movie hardly delivers. 

This is not an outright bad movie either. The genre and the style of storytelling do match but it clearly fails to produce a convincing climax. This movie certainly attempts to find The Witch like feeling but terribly fails to do so.  

Predictable Story

Even though predictability in movies is not always bad. The Swarm certainly fails to provide anything to counter its clearly predictable plot. Right from the start, it gets oblivious as to how things might turn out. And it seems, the forced tension between some of the lead characters does little to add some depth.

Another thing that this movie lacks is the all-important horror element. Despite being a horror drama, this one looks more like a family drama with some slight hints of horror in the backdrop. 

I think this movie is too much focused on unnecessary emotional elements. It would’ve been great if the focus was more on enhancing the horror element instead.

The Swarm: What’s Missing?

I think The Swarm wastes too much time on the initial buildup. In doing so, it certainly misses the core of the storyline which is reduced to the later part of the movie. Better editing could’ve certainly improved the timing issues.

Into the middle parts of the movie, a certain aspect of the story is repeated unnecessarily. Suddenly the scenes start to feel a bit more stretched. 

It does not end there, after the boring middle part, certain plot devices drive the story downhill in a very unnatural way. This is the part where the viewer feels rushed to the climax which is far from satisfactory.

Is The Swarm Worth Watching?

If you are looking for a proper horror movie, then you might need to look for some better titles. Despite its promising synopsis, this one is a badly timed family drama with a forced aspect of boring horror in it.

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