Vivo Movie Review

Vivo Movie Review

To be honest it is very hard to review a movie like Vivo. It is a really enjoyable family animation film. And being a musical animation, the core focus of the movie is obviously music. So if you are looking for a fun family musical then Vivo is the movie to stream.

Staying true to its genre, this movie does a great job of stitching together a bunch of nice musical sequences. All the songs in the movie are very well timed that brilliantly keep the storyline forward.

Character Chemistry

All the lead characters are very loveable. And the most beautiful thing is the perfect chemistry between these characters. Even though the story is pretty much linear, the relationship between the lead characters makes it more interesting.

Usually, musical movies tend to have pacing issues but this one is perfectly paced. This movie is certainly not too slow neither too rushed. Even though the flow of the movie is towards a predictable climax, the ending is calmly satisfying.

Created for kids and families, this animation clearly delivers a satisfying punch of musical entertainment to its target audience.

Vivo: A Good Family Animation

Animated movies are always very hard to execute well. This one from the start looks promising with a brilliant musical performance at the start. 

This initial song essentially hooks the audience to the story. From there onwards, the movie truly feels really good till the very end.

I think this movie perfectly achieves great character depth by utilizing some beautiful and heart-touching songs.

Is Vivo Movie Worth Watching?

If you are looking for a nice family movie to watch with your kids, then Vivo is definitely the movie to stream. It is fun, enjoyable, entertaining, and a beautiful musical. It is a movie that kids would love to watch and enjoy.

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