Beckett: Is It Worth Watching?

Beckett: Is It Worth Watching?

Beckett is not worth considering let alone watching. It is a long and excruciatingly boring movie. The story is not convincing and the screenplay is outright bad. With John David Washington as its lead actor, this movie miserably fails to utilize his extraordinary flair.

Coming from a movie like Tenet, John David Washington has completely missed it with this one. The screenplay for this movie is just all over the place. It is a kind of movie where you don’t have to be a critic to tell how bad it is.

Beckett: How Bad Is It?

Considering the genre of the movie, it is as bad as it gets. Usually, thrillers are high-paced and well-balanced stories that keep the audience engaged throughout the movie. When it comes to Beckett, the very first scene is a hint of how long this movie is going to be.

It seems as if the writers wanted the story to be a slow-burn mystery. But instead, they only managed to write a very slow and confusing story that even misses the very basics of screenwriting.

Not only this movie is very slow-paced, but it is unjustifiably dragged as well. The lead actor keeps on running till the very end. The movie is based on a very flimsy storyline that is not convincing at all. All the plot devices are rudimentary with nothing solid to hold the story together.

Even though the style of the movie is realistic; yet some of the scenes in the movie defy logic. The direction for the movie certainly looks below average. And there is not a single shot in the movie that is worth remembering. 

Is Beckett Worth Watching?

I’m sorry to say but Beckett is a movie that you’ll happily skip. This one is not worth wasting almost two hours. There is nothing in the movie to attract viewers. Maybe hardcore John David Washington fans might give it a try, but I’m sure they’ll be greatly disappointed.

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