Brand New Cherry Flavor: Is It Worth Watching?

Brand New Cherry Flavor: Is It Worth Watching?

Brand New Cherry Flavor is brand new and it certainly gives a strong punch of all sorts of flavors. It is a limited series by Netflix based on a horror novel by Todd Grimson. This is a series that is scary, fun, violent and a bit gross at the same time. One thing that clearly stands out in this whole TV series is the amazing performance by Roza Salazar.

The story is a bit offbeat, it is a unique mix of dark comedy, horror, and magic kittens. Overall, it is a very entertaining ride with some seriously weird stuff going on in almost every episode. It is a very good series to binge-watch after a long and busy week.

What’s Different About Brand New Cherry Flavor

One thing is very clear, it’s not your average horror story, and it is certainly not for everyone. This series is filled with scenes that are some would say, “hard to swallow”. It is hard to explain without spoiling the story but some of the scenes in this series might be a bit disturbing for some.

The story is really interesting, stitched together with a cleverly crafted teleplay. It is a story that successfully keeps the viewers invested right from the first episode. And as the story develops it gets so much more mind-bending and unpredictable.

The element of humor and dark comedy in this series is just so perfectly done. All the scary scenes and light-hearted moments are well balanced out. Again, Roza Salazar steals the show with her great acting skills.

What Tastes Bitter in this Series?

There are also a few things that are a bit flavorless in this series. There is a complete mystery surrounding the main antagonist. Even by the end of the series, we know very little about the chief villain. The only back story provided is a vague narrative that delves into the realm of fantasy horror.

Is Brand New Cherry Flavor Worth Watching?

Yes, this series is definitely worth watching. It is a quirky and entertaining horror-comedy. If your want to stream something different and exciting then this is the show for you to binge-watch. 

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