Snake Eyes Is It Worth Watching?

Snake Eyes Is It Worth Watching?

Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins as an action movie completely fails to impress. It is not a very hard question to answer if Snake Eyes is worth watching or not. The plot is all over the place, action sequences are below average, and the long runtime doesn’t help either. Despite having a great cast, this movie clearly lacks on many counts.

It is even hard to figure out what Snakes Eyes as a story wants to convey. The movie from the start looks fragmented with a very thin storyline. In every part of this movie — the start, middle, and ending — there are glaring screenplay inconsistencies.

The movie looks very disappointing considering the overarching G.I Joe theme and the opportunities for all sorts of action sequences. This movie terribly fails at capitalizing on the action aspect of the story as well.

The Start Sets The Tone

Certainly, the starting scenes of this movie set the tone for a long and unsatisfying cinematic journey. It seems as if all the initial scenes are very badly written. And what makes it worse is that these introductory scenes are very badly directed as well.

Despite a very dull initial part, the movie promises great things in the middle section. Things get a bit more interesting in this phase of the story. This is the phase where a much-needed character development lifts the story.

Near the end of this middle section, the story again shifts gears to head towards a very predictable ending. 

Another very prominent thing in this movie is the use of very low-quality CGI. A couple of sequences in the movie rely heavily on CGI, the use of below-average graphics certainly adds to the bad taste.

Is Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins Worth Watching?

Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins is certainly a below-average action movie. The weak storyline seems completely unable to tap the potential of its remarkable cast. Clearly, Snake Eyes is not the action movie you are expecting it to be. So, Snake Eyes, is it worth watching? I’m afraid not.

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