Reminiscence Is It Worth Watching?

Reminiscence Is It Worth Watching?

The story of Reminiscence can be summed up quite succinctly in its own title. The movie is a sci-fi romance merged with a mystery that doesn’t seem to work as expected. Flooded with a well-picked cast, this movie clearly fails to impress sci-fi fans. The core sci-fi theme in this movie reminds us of The Minority Report, but trust me, no movie is going to remind us of Reminiscence in the future.

This movie is more like a romantic drama, the sci-fi plot seems to be in the background. Even though the mystery element in the middle part of the movie makes it a bit interesting but the sci-fi expectations really drive the perceptions of the viewers.

If you look at the movie purely as a romantic story then it’s not a very bad movie at all. The key highlight of the whole movie for me is the background score that really stands out throughout the runtime.

Interesting Theme

The whole futuristic theme of Reminiscence is really interesting. The concept of climate change in a world with sci-fi gadgets provides almost limitless opportunities for great sci-fi stories. But, this movie is a seriously romantic tale with a misplaced crime mystery.

Clearly, the movie also fails to explore the crime mystery part in a balanced manner. Everything in this story looks biased towards the romantic drama between the lead characters. All the supporting characters and the sci-fi theme almost look like a blurred background.

In a sense, this movie is clearly selling a romantic story in sci-fi packaging. And, I think considering the potential for a better well-balanced story, the movie falls very short of what fans would’ve wanted with this one.

Is Reminiscence Worth Watching?

Reminiscence clearly looks like a failed sci-fi with a great cast. If you decide to skip it you won’t miss a thing. But if you love romantic movies for no reason, then you just might find something.

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