Sweet Girl Is It Worth Watching?

Sweet Girl Is It Worth Watching?

Sweet Girl starring Jason Mamoa is a mystery thriller that clearly fails to make its mark. Whatever this revenge thriller attempts to deliver, it doesn’t look convincing at all. The screenplay looks flawed with multiple plot holes. Despite some good action scenes, the storyline looks totally inconsistent and boring.

Even though Jason Mamoa’s performance looks strong throughout the movie, it is clearly not enough to hide the many weaknesses of the story. I think from the start it looks as if the movie is setting up for something. But it’s only near the end that things are revealed. Even this ultimate revelation is far from enough to make up for the bad storyline.

In fact, the big plot twist at the end makes it even more strange and hard to digest. I think the idea behind the story for Sweet Girl has potential. But, the way it has been written for the screen is far from satisfactory.

Weaknesses of Netflix Movie Sweet Girl

This movie presents many prominent weaknesses but the most obvious one is the storyline. There is a clear inconsistency in the narrative which is made worse by a choppy screenplay. Another thing that is glaringly visible is the issue around the mystery element. 

It looks as if the quality of the story is affected just to keep a forced mystery surrounding the potential antagonists. A major plot twist near the end also doesn’t help an already weak story. Overall the only positive thing is the performance by Jason Mamoa

Moreover, the casting for the main antagonists is not up to the mark. Which in a way severely affects the overall quality of the movie. Considering the weak story, the runtime for this movie is very long. The movie could’ve used some clever editing to fix most of the issues with the runtime and the screenplay.

Is Sweet Girl Worth Watching?

When it comes to streaming content, there is always stiff competition, especially in the thriller genre. I don’t think this movie has what it takes to be a good streaming movie. With massive story issues, Sweet Girl is clearly not worth watching. 

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