Bullet Train Is It Worth Watching?

Bullet Train Is It Worth Watching?

Bullet Train is a movie that fans love but critics are seriously skeptical about it. Despite this imbalance, I think it is definitely worth watching. The high-speed action and star cast flare seem to tone down the obvious issues with the story. More of a situational story setup the movie feels like a mismatched comedy.

Even though the core of the story revolves around the Japanese underworld, the comic layer on top of this is kind of fun and annoying at the same time. Also, the initial focus on the characters makes it rather hard to figure out what is happening for a quite long time. The movie is not that bad, but it feels like it had all the right ingredients to be a better movie.

Generally speaking, Bullet Train is quite entertaining with some brisk action. It has a linear or rather predictable storyline.

Bullet Train is Based on a Dark Comedy Novel

Bullet Train movie is based on a book titled Maria Beetle. It is a dark comedy novel by Japanese author Kōtarō Isaka published in 2010. Watching the movie, it definitely feels like the book is going to be so much more entertaining. As an adaptation, the movie clearly seems to be lacking a bit.

One good thing about the movie is that all the lead actors have done a remarkable job. Also, the technical aspects of filmmaking are right up there. And with some really good action, the movie ends up being an entertaining watch.

Looking at the ratings it seems as if critics haven’t enjoyed this dark comedy. It is a different movie and clearly, fans seem to like the odd nature of the story.

Is Bullet Train Worth Watching?

Odd and different this movie Bullet Train features some entertaining action. It is definitely worth a watch. If you like odd situational stories then this is the next movie to stream.

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