Halo Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Halo Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Despite below-average reviews by fans, I believe Halo Season 1 is definitely worth watching. Video game adaptations are very hard to make and considering the complexity of the source material, this Sci-Fi TV series by Paramount + manages to impress at many levels.

When it comes to popular video games, fans are very sensitive. If you miss any fan servicing the whole project can drown in a torrent of bad reviews. I think that’s what happened with this series as well. But if you’re someone who hasn’t played the video game, you might be shocked to see the quality of this TV series.

Place the source material aside, this TV series is a genuine dose of good science fiction. What Halo delivers is a blueprint of how video game adaptions should be approached. Not going into the details of the plot, Halo is some quality filmmaking for a video game adaptation.

The uneven pace and mismanaged scale is pretty much there, but some amazing action sequences and a strong performance by the lead actors make it an entertaining watch.

Why Halo Season 1 is Good?

Starting with the production quality, Halo looks considerably superior if you compare it to other streaming Sci-Fi TV series. CGI can make or break a TV series like this, but Halo seems to be genuinely inspired by the video game style and features a distinctive gaming vibe. In short, watching Halo you would definitely consider playing the game as well.

Besides featuring decent CGI, all the action sequences in the series are quite impressive, to say the least. The enhanced super soldier aspect of the game has been perfectly utilized in the series. In fact, the whole story seems to be glued by this super soldier angle.

I think even considering other things, Halo Season 1 is a very good series to enjoy. If you like science fiction then you don’t even have to read the reviews.

Is Halo Season 1 Worth Watching?

A very good video game adaptation, Halo Season 1 is very underrated. If you are looking for some good Sci-Fi then Halo Season 1 is an excellent series to stream. It is definitely worth watching.

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