Nope Is It Worth Watching?

Nope Is It Worth Watching?

Nope by Jordon Peele is another masterpiece. A true modern classic this movie is definitely worth watching. Some might find it a bit slow or dull but I think presenting it in this particular style is totally spot on. The story itself is very unique and strikingly thought-provoking. And this slow-burn approach to the movie gives it extra character.

Adding to the brilliant story, the flawless cinematic experience and the stunning visuals make this movie a deserving top-rated flick. Overall from casting to acting, even the production design gives a very realistic tone to the movie. Maybe this is one reason the storytelling feels more impactful.

Even if you look at the individual characters the screenplay spends ample time on their development. Despite giving an impression of a slightly longer movie, Nope successfully provides a very smooth and excitingly engaging cinematic experience.

What is the Movie Nope Really About?

I truly believe the story of Nope is not just another science fiction about UFOs. It is more philosophical than we think. The story somehow wants to convey the complex relationship between humans & non-humans whether it’s extraterrestrial creatures or some different animal species from our planet.

At the same time, it also highlights the hunger of humans for a spectacle. Humans love performances, the rare and unique it is the more we are attracted to it. The desire to experience rare spectacles is somehow embedded into human nature.

The story of Nope has masterfully used its key science fiction and horror premise to highlight this interesting human behavioral trait while showing that complex human and non-human relationship in parallel.

Is Nope Worth Watching?

Clearly one of the best movies of this year, Nope presents a wonderful cinematic experience complimented with some amazing performances. Nope is beyond doubt worth watching. If you’re looking for something really interesting to stream, Nope is the perfect movie for you.

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