Prey Is It Worth Watching?

Prey Is It Worth Watching?

Prey is it worth watching? I am sure you are wondering if this new movie in the Predator franchise is worth spending your precious weekend time or not. Let me help you with the decision. Prey is a Sci-Fi action-adventure movie, a Hulu original.

Although it skips all the character development part, it still manages to present a thoroughly enjoyable punch of violent action. And if you are a Predator fan then you’re definitely expecting something similar.

Prey is an older story told fresh, the buildup is so nicely timed that it doesn’t feel too slow or rushed. Even though at first it does feel odd when you realize that the movie is not going to explore the characters in detail. But once the story progresses, the focus shifts to the hunt.

One very obvious thing about this movie is the ultra focus on the core theme of predator and prey. It reminds us of this terrifying relationship quite vividly.

Is Prey a Predator Prequel?

Although it is the latest addition to the Predator franchise, Prey is indeed a prequel. The story takes us back to the Comanche nation where the hunt is shown in full swing.

One really exciting thing about this prequel is the beautifully composited CGI. All the computer-generated imagery looks very good. The choice of colors and style perfectly matches the story. Also, the fast-paced action sequences look really impressive.

All in all this movie Prey has surprisingly good production quality for a streaming release.

Is Prey Worth Watching?

If you’re a Predator franchise fan then you simply can’t miss it. Prey is worth watching just for the adrenaline rush around the hunt. A truly enjoyable movie to stream.

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