Castlevania Season 4 Worth Watching?

Castlevania Season 4 Worth Watching?

Castlevania is proof that anime can be a very powerful and compelling storytelling medium. This particular anime series is a class apart because of its character-building and brilliant dialogue.

Fans expected a lot from the final season of this video game adaptation. So far it had masterfully build-up this different Dracula story in the first three seasons. True to expectations, the final season delivers in the best way possible.

Just like the first three seasons, dialogue in the final season delivers the perfect anime punch. We often see dark and sometimes witty lines. Issac, played by actor Adetokumboh M’Cormack steals the show by delivering some amazing dialogue.

Other stand-out performances include Trevor Belmont, played by actor Richard Armitage. And Saint Germain, played by actor Bill Nighy.

Action and fight sequences in this ultimate season are truly epic. You will see plenty of graphic violence in this season as well. Some of the episodes are filled with blood & night creature slices.

The story from the start of the season is pretty riveting. It delivers some unexpected twists that add to the depth of the plot without compromising the pace.

This concluding season is truly a deserving end to a great story. We have seen some outstanding performances and extraordinary action sequences.

No doubt Castlevania is the best anime series based on a video game.

Is Castlevania Season 4 Worth Watching?

Yes, Castlevania is beyond doubt one of the best video game adaptations. The final season of this iconic anime series is definitely worth watching.