Don’t Look Up Is It Worth Watching?

Don’t Look Up Is It Worth Watching?

Don’t Look Up is a parody that feels lost in its own chaos. Still worth watching, Don’t Look Up attempts to highlight a catastrophic scenario using satire. The focus of this movie on multiple ideas at a time makes it seem a bit too socially aware. Even though the reflection of our society using comedy is accurate but it does feel a bit cluttered somehow.

Amazing as always, Leonardo DiCaprio again delivers a great performance. His portrayal of the lead character feels natural and fits in the plot perfectly. The tone of the movie is satirical from the start yet this chaos of comedy is balanced by some really good acting by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The scale of this movie does feel grand yet the focus on media both traditional and new makes it a bit off-balanced. At the core of all this is a war of narratives that finally gets a winner at the cost of literally everything.

Not Great, Still Worth A Watch

To be honest, Don’t Look Up is not a great movie. But still, I would recommend it for many reasons. First of all, it does a fairly good job of depicting how political narratives distort reality. And secondly, the potential threat that creates this narrative conflict in the movie is based on real science.

Although the movie is not perfect still it is very entertaining. Moreover, it beautifully reflects the growing influence of media in our lives.

Is Don’t Look Up Worth Watching?

Despite its flaws, Don’t Look Up is a movie worth watching. Although a bit overwhelming, the satirical reflection of our society in this movie is fairly entertaining. Don’t Look Up is a nice movie to stream.

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