The Silent Sea Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

The Silent Sea Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

The Silent Sea Season 1 is a Korean science fiction series. Based on a truly unique Sc-Fi premise, this series is a creative take on a dystopian future. Not as impressive as it promises to be, The Silent Sea Season 1 is still worth watching. The first half of the series is very well-paced and engaging. It is only in the second half that things start to feel a bit stretched. 

Even though the whole first season is only eight episodes long. It does feel as if the series would have been perfect if it was a couple of episodes short. Maybe it is because of the exciting mystery developed in the first half revealed too early. Or maybe, the second half just fails to continue with the same momentum.

Whatever the real reason, the second half of the series does feel a bit lacking. Despite a fascinating story, the series clearly fails to build on its initial excitement.

What’s Different About this Series?

The Silent Sea is based on a dystopian future where an acute shortage of drinking water threatens the human race. The on-screen depiction of this dystopian world looks truly remarkable. And it is the initial highlights from this world that actually set the tone for the whole series.

The core story revolves around a mission to a lunar station where the crew faces some mysterious and unexpected challenges. The mystery surrounding the mission feels really engaging, to begin with.

Moreover, the production quality and some decent CGI compliment the story quite well. Other noticeable highlights include some good performances and art direction.


After a remarkable start, the series does feel a bit lost. Maybe fewer episodes would have helped the storytelling process. In the second half of the series, it seems as if the script struggles to find strong plot devices to lean on.

Despite its shortcomings, The Silent Sea is an entertaining Sci-Fi drama. Its unique yet frightening science-fiction premise makes it worth watching.

Is The Silent Sea Season 1 Worth Watching?

Overall a good Sci-Fi story, The Silent Sea Season 1 is definitely worth watching. Yes, there are a few things that could have been better, but the entertainment factor is right up there.

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