Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Is It Worth Watching?

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Is It Worth Watching?

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is clearly not a movie that is worth recommending. It is a sequel to the 2019 movie, Escape Room. This movie continues from where the last one ended. Starting with a mini recap of the last movie, it sets the tone for what is about to unfold. Featuring a very simple storyline, the main focus of this movie is again on the escape rooms.

All the rooms that are featured in this movie are much more complex with odd and convoluted rules. In a bid to increase the intensity, the writers have crafted some insane rooms. The amount of complexity portrayed in some of the sequences in a way looks really unrealistic.

Moreover, the introduction of the characters behind these escape rooms adds a second layer of complexity to the story.

What Makes It Less Impressive

If we compare this sequel to the first Escape Room movie, there are some stark differences. Even though, both of the movies are essentially repeating the single concept of escape rooms. Looking at this movie, it seems as if the performances in the first one were much better.

Another very obvious thing in this movie is the forced intensity. It seems as if the filmmakers have done all they could to make this one more intense and thrilling. As a result, all the escape rooms look very complex. And all that forced complexity makes the process of deciphering the clues somewhat unrealistic.

Apart from that, the movie also attempts to synchronize a sub-plot revolving around the designers of the escape rooms. Without providing any backstory of how it all started, the introduction of these new characters only makes the storyline more out of sync.

Is Escape Room Tournament of Champions Worth Watching?

Some fans might like the appeal of all the complex escape rooms. But looking at the way this movie deals with all these dreaded rooms, it is fair to say Escape Room Tournament of Champions is clearly not worth watching.

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