Kate Is It Worth Watching?

Kate Is It Worth Watching?

Are you wondering if Kate is worth watching or not? Let me tell you this, it is definitely worth watching. Yes, this one feels like a thousand other female protagonist action thrillers, many critics have already sliced and diced its plot. But regardless of all that is said about this one, it is entertaining to the core.

Keep the storyline aside for a while, the visuals are really good. The lead performance by Mary Elizabeth Winstead is remarkable. All the action sequences are very well done. The pacing is fine even though the runtime is on the longer side. Considering Netflix’s approval standards for streaming movies these days, this one is miles apart in terms of its production quality.

What’s Good & What’s Not So Impressive?

Let’s talk about what critics think it lacks. They say we’ve seen hundreds of movies like one. Some say it is a clear rip-off of similar assassin movies. Others think it relies heavily on action. But most of them think it’s tried and tested stuff.

Well, all these points hold merit but judging it based on other similar movies is not fair. If you just look at the level of entertainment it offers, I think this one will fare much better than others. Obviously, it is not perfect and there are many things that do not reflect reality. But that doesn’t mean we should not highlight the things that it has to offer.

Action is what this movie provides in plenty. Almost all the action sequences are very good. Some of the hardcore action stuff is truly off the charts. All the violent action clearly makes up for the weak storyline. Plus, nobody is going to watch this one for its “remarkable” story. This movie clearly appeals to hardcore action fans.

Is Kate Worth Watching?

If you love action movies then this is the right movie to stream. But if you love criticizing action movies then you better watch something boring. Kate is definitely worth watching if you’re looking to just relax and enjoy your weekend.

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