What If…? Is It Worth Watching?

What If…? Is It Worth Watching?

Even Marvel fans might ask, What If…? Is it worth watching? Considering the new narrative for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is probably going to be different. Marvel fans might get a bit hesitant in deciding whether to watch this animated series or not. For all those Marvel fans who are thinking on similar lines, I want to say that What If…? is definitely worth watching. And there are many valid reasons for this.

First of all, humans are the most aesthetically aware creatures. We know when we see something beautiful. And trust me, this animation series by Marvel is really a beautiful work of art. All the alternate stories in it are very good. It certainly delivers what you expect from a massive studio like Marvel.

What If…? Is Fascinating

What If…? is truly a fascinating series. After the conclusion of the previous phase of the MCU, many fans found it hard to fully grasp the consequences of a storyline penetrating into other parallel timelines. 

It seems this series attempts to illustrate the complexities around the concept of the multiverse. And It is very likely that this series is an exercise to help fans get ready for the next phase of MCU where the idea of parallel universes is going to be a regular feature.

Moreover, the choice of format on part of the Marvel Studios for this series has been spot on. 2d animation always provides the perfect mix of pace and drama that is required to hook the viewers in a very short span of time while providing the same value as real movies.

Is What If…? Worth Watching?

There is hardly any doubt whether What If..? is worth watching or not? This series beautifully presents alternate stories that are both thought-provoking and fascinating. It expertly addresses some of the What-If questions Marvel fans were constantly thinking about. 

Definitely, a must-watch for Marvel fans.

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