Old Is It Worth Watching?

Old Is It Worth Watching?

Let’s say someone asks whether the sci-fi movie Old is worth watching or not. In this case, giving a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer is going to be really hard. As of this writing, 50 percent of all critics on Rotten Tomatoes (RT) believe that this movie (Old) is fresh. While the remaining 50 percent clearly disagree. Fan ratings are also half split on this as well. Just over 50 percent of the fans consider it fresh.

The movie itself is based on a remarkable sci-fi story. The basic premise of the movie is really thought-provoking, to say the least. Despite having a very promising start to the story, the movie clearly falls short of stitching it all together in a convincing manner.

Another odd thing about this movie is that even though it feels as if something is missing, it is hard to tell what could’ve made it a better movie. But having said that Old is not a bad movie at all. It definitely contains enough intriguing points to make it a decent movie.

What’s Lacking?

The sci-fi backdrop of this movie is so good that if executed properly it could’ve made for an award-winning movie. Old despite having hit gold in terms of the basic storyline clearly fails to capitalize on this very interesting idea.

The story created around that brilliant sci-fi premise clearly lacks substance. By the end of the movie it clearly feels as if more refinement was needed in terms of the overall story and particularly in the screenplay.

At the start, the movie looks really promising with near-perfect pacing. The ending is not bad either, only the middle part looks stretched. In pure filmmaking terms, the middle is an absolute disaster. At a certain point, it seems as if the movie is stuck. All the plot devices look random. It feels as if the filmmakers just dragged the movie to the ending.

Is Old Worth Watching?

If two random people are to watch this movie, it is more likely that one will like it and the other one not. Despite its unnecessarily long runtime, I think Old is worth watching. Sci-fi fans just can’t miss the amazing idea behind this story.

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