Squid Game Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

Squid Game Season 1 Is It Worth Watching?

I think there is only one answer if someone asks whether Squid Game Season 1 is worth watching or not. This Korean Netflix series is not just worth watching it is binge-worthy too. This series is no ordinary Battle Royale based TV. It is clearly a different flavor of Battle Royale that delivers great entertainment with some remarkable black comedy.

Looking back at Netflix this year, only a handful of original series stand out so far. And it won’t be a surprise if Squid Game is counted among the top-performing Netflix series by the end of this year. The only other 2021 series that stands out in terms of originality is the Brand New Cherry Flavor.

The story, visuals, acting, teleplay, and everything else feels top quality in this series (Squid Game). The most beautiful thing about this series is that it clearly focuses on good storytelling than anything else. The story is also character-centric adding a remarkable depth to the series.

Binge Worthy in Every Possible Way

Squid Game Season 1 has every ingredient required for a binge-worthy show. Great credible characters with necessary backstories. A very elaborate plot with a keen focus on details. In fact, the level of detail and focus is equally distributed in every episode, in a way it makes this series thoroughly enjoyable.

Another very remarkable highlight of this series is the black comedy. Despite having a very grim and violent undertone, this series beautifully incorporates light moments as well. The comedy is perfectly timed and not overdone.

Also, the story does very well in avoiding too much focus on the games. The focus on character building on the other hand makes the action associated with the games so much more intense. The element of thrill and suspense makes this series truly entertaining.

Is Squid Game Season 1 Worth Watching?

Squid Game Season 1 is a brilliant series, clearly worthy of a binge-watch. Fans who like Battle Royale style movies simply can’t miss it. It’s not your typical Battle Royale fun but it clearly delivers a different vibrant flavor for sure.

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