Exception Review - Netflix Animated Series

Exception unfolds in a distant future where humanity is displaced from Earth, necessitating relocation to a terraformable planet.

Exception Netflix animated series review - worth watching.
Exceptions is an entertaining sci-fi animated series.

Netflix's animated series Exception emerges as a distinctive entry in the sci-fi genre, offering a narrative that is as riveting as it is unconventional. While the series may not instantly appeal to all due to its raw and somewhat unrefined animation style, its underlying strengths in storytelling and thematic exploration make it a noteworthy watch.

The animation style and character design in Exception are decidedly unorthodox. The series adopts an aesthetic that some might describe as crude or less than convincing, particularly when compared to the polished and detailed animation seen in mainstream animated series. This choice of visual style, while perhaps jarring at first, inadvertently contributes to the show's unique identity. The characters, with their less refined designs, mirror the rawness and unpredictability of the series' narrative. However, it is worth noting that this visual approach might not resonate with every viewer, especially those accustomed to more traditional animation.

Exception unfolds in a distant future where humanity is displaced from Earth, necessitating relocation to a terraformable planet. The narrative centers around a crew, recreated from their original selves using a biological 3D printer called The Womb. These clones, including characters like Nina (Ali Hillis) and Mack (Robbie Daymond), grapple with their identity and the authenticity of their existence.

The plot thickens with a solar flare disrupting the printing process, leading to a malformed clone, Lewis (Nolan North), and raising ethical dilemmas about his fate. This event catalyzes a series of unexpected twists, continually challenging viewers' expectations. Visually diverging from typical anime aesthetics and imbued with an unsettling eeriness, this animated series features an engaging storyline.

The series also raises profound philosophical questions about life, identity, and the morality of cloning, woven subtly into its narrative fabric. Its visual uniqueness, combined with thought-provoking themes, makes Exception a standout series. Nadine Nicole, voicing Patty, emerges as the sleeper star, bringing a refreshing voice to the anime landscape.

In conclusion, Exception is highly recommended for sci-fi fans. Its unconventional aesthetics and compelling premise, complemented by a talented voice cast and the creative genius of Yoshitaka Amano, create a series that not only entertains but also provokes thought, embodying the essence of great sci-fi.

Rating: ★★★☆☆