Fear Street Part Three: 1666

Fear Street Part Three: 1666

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 concludes the horror trilogy on a high. Certainly not the best of the lot, but this last movie ends the series in a really satisfying way. Continuing from where it ended in the second movie (Fear Street Part Two: 1978) this one leads us back in time to tell the origin story of Sara Fier

How Good is Fear Street Part Three: 1666?

Just like the first two movies, this one does a great job at storytelling. Even though this movie is not as chilling in terms of pure horror compared to the first two movies, but it definitely delivers the signature slasher scenes unique to the Fear Street trilogy

Looking back at Fear Street Part One: 1994 and the way this whole story was introduced, this concluding movie fittingly ends the myth surrounding Sara Fier’s tragedy and its connection to serial killings in Shadyside.

The concluding story of the third movie is very well crafted with a simple yet effective storyline. The screenplay is really good, it focuses on some key characters that make it a really fascinating story without adding unnecessary complexity.

Due to its straight-to-the-point approach, the movie seems focused on some amazing performances. Kiana Madeira looks particularly impressive in the final movie. 

Fear Street Trilogy

This amazing horror trilogy by Netflix once again proves that if done properly horror-comedy plus a fair amount of slasher content can be a great medium for some good horror storytelling. Among Netflix’s original content, this trilogy is beyond doubt one of the highest-rated. 

Is the Fear Street Movie Series Worth Watching?

With some great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (RT), the Fear Street movie series is definitely worth watching. All the three movies in this series are very good, truly amazing horror plus slasher entertainment.

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